Patient's Wife Grateful for Care

I have always wondered if there was a way to get a notification over to the crew that attended my husband after a bad motorcycle wreck in kenosha wisconsin, august 10, 2011.

My husband was T boned on his motorcycle by a van that night only 5 mins from our home. When responders arrived at the scene, he was in very critical condition, and I know the first hours after an accident are really important.

When that helicopter came down it was one of the scariest yet most relieving times I have ever experienced....

I have always wanted to personally extend a thank you to that FFL crew that took care of my husband and got him to Foredtert Hospital so efficiently on August 10, 2011.

After an 11 day coma and months of healing, he not only survived the horrible crash, but he has actually beat all of the odds. The doctors prepared us for the worst, and by the grace of God and the wonderful care that he recieved before and after the hospital.... he defied all of those odds!

I hope that someone on the crew that night sees this and knows how much their dedication/care is appreciated!

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