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Survival is only the beginning

Kirk Breneisen, 04/11/12

How it all began… April 11, 2012 was the day that Kirk Breneisen’s life changed forever. He was a passenger in a car that was involved in a collision when the driver made a left turn in front of another car traveling at 60 mph. The crash occurred on Rte. 14 in Barrington, Illinois during the morning rush hour. The car that Kirk was riding in was knocked into the ditch resulting in more than twelve inches of intrusion on the passenger side, pinning him inside.

Amazing Survival and Recovery

Morgan Hofmann, 04/06/12

April 6, 2012, which happened to be Good Friday, will forever be remembered by the family of then 16 year old Morgan Hofmann. Morgan and his friends were “longboarding” (a longboard is a longer and faster version of a skateboard) in a new subdivision in Woodstock when he fell and hit his head.

Patient's Wife Grateful for Care

Kristy Nixon, 08/10/11

I have always wondered if there was a way to get a notification over to the crew that attended my husband after a bad motorcycle wreck in kenosha wisconsin, august 10, 2011.

Surviving a Fall into a Channel

Ben Nachowicz, 09/25/09

September 25, 2009 will forever be remembered by the family of three year old Ben Nachowicz. Ben, his brother Joe and mom Michelle were outside at their home in Fox Lake which is right on the channel. While the boys were playing Michelle stepped inside the house for a moment and when she came back out Joe was crying that Ben was in the water.

A Patient Update: Kayla Radtke

Kayla Radtke, 05/05/09

Former patient Kayla Radtke and her mom Melissa came by to visit the Flight For Life-McHenry base in June to present the crew with a $2000 donation. The donation came from the proceeds of an annual golf outing fundraiser that is held in honor of Melissa’s mom, JoAnn Wagner, who died of pancreatic cancer when she was only fifty-four.

Committed to Recovery

Jack LeMaster, 06/12/05

In June 12, 2005, off-duty Gurnee Police Officer Jack LeMaster’s life changed forever as he was traveling to the Chain O’ Lakes where he kept his boat to meet friends. An oncoming car crossed over into Jack’s lane and he was hit head-on. Jack was pinned in his car and required extrication by the fire department.

First a Rescue, then an Inspiration

Kathy Robinson, 05/18/04

Three years ago, three Flight For Life crew members saved my life. To them, I can only say “THANK YOU.” To the rest of you readers, I can also tell you how Kathy, Guy and Steve helped me during the following two years of recovery, as well.

Mother of healthy 11 year-old gives thanks

Catherine Sobin, 01/01/03

After the birth of our son, we brought our beautiful baby boy home.

A Christmas Miracle Comes Back for a Visit

Jack Pulaski, 12/11/02

On December 11, 2002 Jack Pulaski was hanging Christmas lights on the front of his house in Huntley, Illinois. His daughter, Kari, had just left for work. It was 3:45 in the afternoon. Jack’s son, Brian, was at work. At 7:15, Brian came home from work to find his father lying in the bathroom in a pool of blood.

A Second Chance at Life

Jeff Hensel, 07/23/99

For the last several years on July 23rd, I have received a message on my voicemail. The message is always the same, “Hi Tammy, this is Jeff Hensel. Today is the anniversary of my accident, and I am just calling to thank the crew from Flight For Life for saving my life. If it weren’t for a lot of people that took care of me, I would not be here today.”

Former patient tells his story

Bob Szczerba, 03/23/97

It was Sunday morning, March 23rd 1997, and firefighter/paramedic Bob Szczerba was checking equipment in the back of the ambulance at the Gurnee Fire Department when the unthinkable happened...

Twenty-Five Years Later

Marc Slavik, 09/25/95

Marc’s accident occurred on a Monday morning, September 25, 1995. Marc was heading to work when a 10-wheel dump truck (landscaper), while attempting to avoid hitting another vehicle, crossed over into oncoming traffic striking Marc’s car and pinning it against a light pole. The landscape truck ended up on top of Marc’s car.

FFL-McHenry’s 1000th Patient

April Harman, 02/01/92

It’s been 22 years since I was transported by Flight For Life-McHenry; I was two years old at the time. I was flown to Rockford Memorial Hospital after experiencing a dangerously high blood sugar level that resulted in my being diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic.